The Coherent Vision

  • "Coherent Thought" is simply 'Less is More'. Reduce mental intake and reduce self-medicating and addictions. 
  • "Coherent Society" is where we work towards more appreciation that our strength is our natural diversity.

The Coherent Actions

  • We leverage existing Academic channels to empower youth with mind training to navigate the commercial excess better. 
  • We train all with repeat positive messaging using national marketing campaigns, counteracting the narrative of excess.

Our Mission Statement:  Our mission is to redirect efforts towards the true cause of excessive self-medicating harm, the mental excess. We use positive education and marketing messages to empower both self amazement and cerebral management. Collectively, we can evolve our habits past the current physical, emotional and financial harms, through a simple, positive, thinking change.

Sober World is USA based 501c3 Federally Registered Public Charity. We are supporting World Health goals overall to reduce global financial, emotional and physical harms. Our largest goal is to reduce a million lives annually from alcohol related deaths by the year 2030. Currently the World Health Organization estimates the global annual death toll at over 3 Million people. 


It's a very personal solution. Only you can understand the reasons your life may need changing. At Sober World we simply encourage self insight.  


Empowering People for a better future. Sober World ideas work for all. We provide education and insight for a better way.  


See the whole world anew. What is our vision?  See things from a different perspective. Empower yourself with a different approach.

Sober World

A More Coherent Way