Changing Thinking

We really only need to fix one thing, our thinking. All addictions start in the mind, and they also stop with the mind. The body does what the mind tells it to. Fix the mind, fix the body, fix a lot of harms  to our global society. 

Actions for Change

Our approach is simple, We employ positive mind training to young people through academic channels. We teach navigation of the mental stress from commercial excess. We also leverage national marketing campaigns and use repeat positive messaging, promoting simply, "Less is More".​

Our Primary Goal

Save a Million Lives a year by 2030. Currently over 3 Million lives are lost to alcohol related causes. Our goals are in alignment with World Health Organization objectives to reduce all NCD's.  

Our Mission Statement:  Our mission is to create an amazing mindset. We change improper thinking, the real cause of self-harm behaviors. We want to embolden self-respect by empowering self awe. We do this with proven education systems and public marketing messages, to facilitate a healthier evolution.

Sober World is USA based 501c3 Federally Registered Public Charity. We are supporting World Health goals overall to reduce global financial, emotional and physical harms. Our largest goal is to reduce a million lives annually from alcohol related deaths by the year 2030. Currently the World Health Organization estimates the global annual death toll at over 3 Million people. 


Empowering People for a better future. Sober World ideas work for all. We provide education and insight for a better way.  

Sober World

​We simply Need an "Amazing Mindset" 


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See the whole world anew. What is our vision?  See things from a different perspective. Empower yourself with a different approach.


It's a very personal solution. Only you can understand the reasons your life may need changing. At Sober World we simply encourage self insight.