​​​Look Beyond! A new and different Approach to help reduce all addictions and mental stress that make life unmanageable for so many. The Sober World approach focuses on prevention, not recovery, proactive action, not awareness, root causes, not symptoms. We  actively help people understand and overcome the fundamental mind issues and help people navigating this society of excess. Our society has evolved faster than our physiology, and it's killing millions of us every year.

Sober World is a Thinking Change.  The current approach of using Fear, Anger, Laws and Taxes, does not prevent or alleviate the core mental health stress and anxieties causing problems. Often, those old tactics make things worse! Sober World leverages a new doable and durable approach of empowering people earlier, past self-medicating at all. Our message is solid, our channels are proven effective, both school education programs and public marketing campaigns applied for real, positive social change.

We move past the current strategy of using

Fear, Anger, Laws and Taxes


It's a very personal solution. Only you can understand the reasons your life may need changing. At Sober World we simply encourage self insight.  

Sober World is USA based 501c3 Federally Registered Public Charity. supporting World Health goals to reduce global financial, emotional and physical harm. Our largest goal is to reduce a million lives annually from alcohol related deaths by the year 2030. Currently the World Health Organization estimates the global annual death toll at over 3 Million people. 


Empowering People for a better future. Sober World ideas work for all. We provide education and insight for a better way.  

Sober World   •   Look Beyond the Problem

New Preventative Solutions Reducing Addiction Harm​




See the whole world anew. What is a more Sober World?  See things from a different perspective. Empower yourself with a different positive vision.