Focus Group

Empowering Women

Subjected to intense targeted marketing since the Wine Cooler craze.

For more than three decades, women have been heavily targeted by the Alcohol Industry for growth in sales: Blush wines, Fruity colorful rum Drinks, Sexy Vodka ads, 'Mommy's Time Out" wine targeting young mothers, alcohol in Grocery stores, masked in "Sports Drinks", Social Media sites promoting self-medicating. The results have been nothing short of staggering.  Increases in breast cancers, incarcerations, DCF filings and Foster Care needs, escalation in rapes, abuse, suicides, and divorces. Most women are painfully unaware of the national harm.

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Focus Group

Empowering Millenials

We struggle with them, because they struggle with us.

At Sober World - we see a whole generation growing up with excessive technology and a fading spirituality. Born into violent video games, and angry media, supported by 'adults'. They see massive self-medication, propagated by adults. A generation challenged by so many distractions, coping with 'instant-everything' society that leaves them struggling with long-term relationships and employment challenges.  Sober World seeks to empower this generation to make the change. We want to help them understand "Dopamine" addictions, what is driving them to be impulsive, and make a change. 

WHERE WE STRUGGLE - So far, without fail, when Man relies on Man, we fail.

WE ARE THE MODERN HI-TECH ROMANS - Look at this past century - all the technology, entertainment, money, science, digital connectivity, sports, internet and so much more... and so much unhappiness. The most genuine happiness is so often found in people with the least possessions.