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In 2012 I started a journey, a new life. It was a culmination of decades of 'field research' in Alcohol, culminating in a dark journey where I saw the light.  Now I "See what no one else sees. See what others chose NOT to see".  

I have read, shared and blogged on thousands of articles from across the planet - hundreds of hours working and learning - to try to make this world a little better for the future. 

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Peter Faulk

A century ago we used to put Cocain in Coca-Cola.  We used to give babies Mrs. Wilsons Soothing Syrup - which was pretty much straight Morphine.

50 years ago we were drugging ourselves with anything we could find. Smoking was cool  - done by a huge number of people everywhere.

So in 2100 - what will we say about now? I think we will say - 'remember the "Drunk Ages"?  When we used to self-medicate with alcohol and millions died from it? Why? Why were they doing that back then?

My vision is to stop the fear of conformity, laziness - and see the whole world anew. Change history starting today.