1 - Humans are absolutely amazing! A quantum bio-computer integrated with a labyrinth of sensors. We are self-healing and we can transform ourselves both mentally and physically! Wow!

2 - We are ignorantly killing ourselves! A new multitude of activities in the past century 
are disrupting our natural biological workings. The result is excessive self-medicating. Millions are dying.

3 - Laws and Taxes are ineffective! They do not address the root cause of the mental pain and suffering that is causing the self-medicating. Laws do not help behaviors or reduce stress or anxieties.

So what’s the answer? Often, less is more! 

TWO SIMPLE SOLUTIONS to ponder and practice around you.

1- Look at the problems differently. Look beyond the immediate problems. If you stop the cause, you stop the demand. Drug abuse is a symptom of something else wrong. Dig deeper for the real people problem. The root cause.

2 - Apply repeat positive messages! Facilitate self-awareness. Changing Thinking, a free long-term solution. Persistent Positive Messages can retrain minds, change behaviors, and encourages 
better coping methods, helping everyone long term in so many ways.

ONE THING FOR YOU DO … personally, you help you.

Practice your own “Perpetual Awareness” and Changing Thinking  - A Simple but not easy,
Daily Self Thought Training. Sober World promotes a deeper understanding of self-analysis and mental training and physical healing. Possible g
positive thought for all. We encourage simple repeat positive non-product marketing, and persistent positive educational programs. “Fake it til you make it!”

Persistently Positive, not Punitive • Self-Education not Self-Medication 

Perpetual Awareness • Reducing Global Self-Harm

Persistently Positive, not Punitive. Self-Education over Self-Medication.