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Persistently Positive, non Punitive. Self-Education over Self-Medication.

First - An Overall Change in Thinking and Approach is Needed

Sober World promotes a different approach to all Addiction: Proactive, not Reactive. Positive not Punitive. First - We all need to “Look Beyond the Problem." START TO ASK WHY?

The Two Specific Approaches we are taking:

Education - For Youth -  State and Local Levels: COMMON CORE AND MORE POSITIVE FUTURE

We teach kids Sex ed, Health Ed - but not Stress Ed. We don’t teach kids about the natural reasons for stress, fears, anxieties from a physiological and historical evolutionary point. We supplement Common Core Programs that with Mind Training empowers kids to manage expectations, be mentally stronger, reduce addictive behaviors and technologies, manage the excess of society, and understand the biological quantum computer they own, how it works and how to program it for better health.

Education - For Adults -  State and National Levels: COMMON SENSE AND MORE SAVINGS  
Consistent, persistent counter marketing in the Media. Companies that sell addictive harmful products legally, make money, market more and then sell more and repeat. Sober World will advertise a consistent message of doing less: Less Self Medicating Saves you more in so many ways - Makes you Healthier. A simple counter marketing campaign, to educate people about a better way.


EXAMPLE - Underage Drinking  Today - We fine places that sell ‘Illegally’ and often Punish the Youth - Done Simple - Punitive - and massively ineffective in dealing with root cause issues.

WHY? Is that kid seeking self medication? Why is that kid so full of fears, anxieties that they are seeking neurotoxins to calm their minds? Why is there not more training, support for that kid to help them? Why is there an “age” thing? Alcohol when legal does not suddenly become “smart” to do. In the USA it kills 1 in ten working age adults. Why are there not better programs for teaching kids how to deal with stress, anxieties, alcoholic parents, peer pressure? Why do kids not know more about normal fears, brain function, how to calm themselves and personally eliminate stress through mindful self support? Why are so many kids so angry, in a society of selfish self medicating?