A different approach to Addiction.  Proactive, not Reactive.  Positive not Punitive.

START TO ASK WHY? Simply put, we wait until there is a problem and harm before we do anything. We don't actively ask WHY we are mildly self-medicating with drugs like alcohol. We don't question WHY we consume more alcohol per capita, year over year, for decades. 

Alcohol is a drug, so like any drug, ask WHY are you taking the drug with so many known harmful side effects? What mental problem do you have, stress, fears or anxieties? WHY are you not addressing the problem, instead of medicating. WHY do we punish people self-medicating excessively? They are struggling in life with a huge pain. Do we push diabetics on the streets for being unhealthy? Do we incarcerate people for having cancers?

APPLY TWO SIMPLE CONCEPTS to ponder and practice around you.  Start to see things differently

1- Look at the problems differently. Look beyond the immediate problems. If you stop the cause, you stop the demand. Drug abuse is a symptom of something else wrong. Dig deeper for the real people problem. The root cause. Follow #soberworldorg for daily feeds of alternative thinking and different solutions to persistent problems. 

2 - Apply repeat positive messages in your life! Facilitate self-awareness. Changing Thinking, a free long-term solution. Persistent Positive Messages can retrain minds, change behaviors and encourages better-coping methods, helping everyone long term in so many ways. Listen to Music instead of news, avoid negative people and situations! Put notes around you saying how great you are, and set positive goals - in writing - look at them every day! 

ONE THING FOR YOU DO… personally, you help you.
Practice your own “Perpetually Positive” attitude and Changing Thinking - It's Simple but not easy to maintain!
Daily Self Thought Training helps. Carve out some time for yourself to relax your mind. Sober World promotes a deeper understanding of self-analysis and mental training and physical healing. Possible greater positive thought for all. We encourage simple repeat positive non-product marketing, and persistent positive educational programs. “Fake it til you make it!”

#soberworldorg - Persistently Positive, not Punitive • Self-Education not Self-Medication 

Persistently Positive, not Punitive. Self-Education over Self-Medication.


The Sober World Community is simply about reducing harmful

Self-Medication through Increasing Self-Education

 "Less Med,  More Ed" Through Thinking Differently  

Samples of a Different Approach to Today's Problems

Long Term, Root Cause Solutions

Current Thinking Today 
Sober World Thinking

Courts, financial punishment,
incarcerate,  stigma, shame.
Support for the person’s mental
health, teaching, guidance, empathy.

Punish merchants financially,
threaten the kids, punitive. 

Teach kids positive alternatives to self-

medicating, better stress and coping skills

Socially fine, little regard for
health issues,  physical self.

Empower people to think better, medicate less,

avoid physical and emotional harms.

State Drug

Legislators see only the revenue,
allows more sales. Short-sighted.

Educate on savings, for $1 of tax revenue,

there are over $10 in soft costs.