Mission Statement:  To create an amazing mindset in people to change improper thinking, the real cause of self-harm behaviors. We want to embolden self-respect by empowering self awe. We do this with proven education systems and public marketing messages to facilitate a healthier evolution for us all.

Years in Operation: Development of programs since 2013. Official 501(c)3 Designation and Incorporation in Jan 2019. We have over half a decade of researching tens of thousands of daily articles compiling this simple program.


Empowering people for a better future. Sober World ideas work for all. We provide education and insight for a better way.  


See the whole world anew. What is our vision?  See things from a different perspective. Empower yourself with a different approach.


It's a very personal solution. Only you can understand the reasons your life may need changing. At Sober World we simply encourage self insight.  

Sober World A very different approach to all the harms related to perpetual consumption growth of alcohol. Sober World is a vision of a world where we encourage less mental stimulation, to indirectly reduce the excess mental medication. Alcohol is most often used as mental aspirin (a neurotoxin). 

The approach to Alcohol problems this past century until today has been mostly reactionary and punitive. Sadly, we have focused our efforts on police and punishing people who were simply over self-medicating mental health pains.

Our Sober World approach is the vision for tomorrow. We help people proactively reduce brain excess. If you lower the stress, you indirectlyreduce the alcohol and related issues. This costs less, a healthier method for a better evolutionary path.