It's a very personal solution. Only you can understand the reasons your life may need changing. At Sober World we simply encourage self insight.  


Empowering People for a better future. Sober World ideas work for all. We provide education and insight for a better way.  

WHY - Just Say No was Just Plain Wrong!

"Stress Education" •  Positively Eliminating Addictions!

Think Differently - Empower and Prevent

You can't legislate a Brain Problem!  Taxes and Laws will continue to fail!


See the whole world anew. What is a more Sober World?  See things from a different perspective. Empower yourself with a different positive vision.

GOALS: Save millions of lives, reduce physical and emotional harm and minimize the hidden and growing huge financial strain on us all... by simply changing our thinking. 

Learn how Stress Education can be more effective and a lot

less expensive on Addictions than Taxation and Legislation