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New Preventative Solutions Reducing Addiction Harm​




  • Over 3 Million People annual in the World die from alcohol related causes

  • CDC – Estimates a loss in business productivity of over $200 Billion annual

  • Two thirds of American Families are touched in a negative way by addiction

  • $500 Billion dollars spent incarcerating untreated addicts in the US alone

  • Well over 1500 College Kids will die this year from alcohol accidents in the US alone

  • CDC – Tens of Millions drink to unhealthy levels, but are not ‘alcoholics’

  • One in ten working age Americans (18-65) dies from alcohol related causes

  • Approximately 80% of our prisons are populated with people with addiction problems

  • Every citizen experiences higher Insurance rates for medical, car and homeowner

  • Over 20 Million people in the US alone are in Long Term Recovery

  • Over 20 Million people more in the US drink weekly to very unhealthy levels



We need to reduce the Financial, Emotional, Physical and Death toll of Alcohol. It's hurting us all globally and getting worse. Current Solutions have very limited impact and too often don
't address the real root cause of the problem.

It's never a 'drinking problem' until long after it's been a 'thinking problem'.

Over 3 Million people die a year globally - From Alcohol related causes. Per the World Health Organization. That's about one person every ten seconds. “Worldwide, 3 million deaths every year result from harmful use of alcohol, this represents 5.3 % of all deaths. The harmful use of alcohol is a causal factor in more than 200 disease and injury conditions.” (See Source)

Overall, American deaths from alcohol, drugs,​ suicide broke records in 2017. It’s not getting better.  See Source  It’s a massive global Financial, Physical, Emotional, Legal and Lethal problem, in literally every country. 

It's not just 'them' - It impacts YOUR finances. It's hurting us all. “Secondhand Drinking" literally impacts all of us. The soft Costs to Society impede all of our growth, in Business, in communities and in our homes.  In 2000 the World Health Organization estimated in the USA the impact of alcohol at about $225 Billion, the annual Tax Revenue was $10 Billion.  That is about $20 in distributed soft costs, for every $1 in State revenue.

Addiction Incarceration - Limited Help and very Costly to us all. "Just Say No" was and is a very angry and punitive program, that takes people stressed out and self medicating, mentally needing help and support and positive emotional guidance, and locks them up. It's a financially expensive and ineffective solution. Look to the Country of Portugal for a role model, where they spent resources policing and locking up addicts, in treatment programs and have had a positive impact for over 15 years. The model works!