Solutions for our Youth  •  We struggle with them because they struggle with our hypocrisy with drug use.  At Sober World - we see a whole generation growing up with excessive technology and a fading spirituality. Born into violent video games and angry media, supported by 'adults'. They see massive self-medication propagated by adults. Sober World seeks to empower this generation to make the change. 


A sampling of some things YOU can do for YOU - Today!  

If you have serious problems seek professional help. There IS no stigma!

CHANGING THINKING = CHANGING DRINKING - or ANY bad Habit or Depression.  The same idea can be applied to any form of mildly harmful activity. We now understand the Brain can be trained and conditioned, like a muscle, it can be made fit and to focus better. Your Mind can change your Brain through a mental fitness plan of simple persistent positive messaging and a little daily discipline. Just like the body, the mind takes time to change.  Persistent positive patience pays! 

A fun, easy way to Positive Brain Train for Free! Start to Change your own Brain! 

Watch these videos, maybe one per day. Positive regular thinking differently will start to impact behaviors. Stick with it. YouTube will start to send you more positive educational videos. We also share many more Videos on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. A wealth of free positive knowledge. Live your life to its fullest potential. 

Click on the Images as they Scroll - Link to the Talks -  Enjoy and do more - regularly! You Empower you! 

Solutions Focus Groups for Presentations - Schools and Women's Groups

Solutions- Empowering Women • Subjected to intense targeted marketing since the Wine Cooler craze. For more than three decades, women have been heavily targeted by the Alcohol Industry for growth in sales: Blush wines, Fruity colorful rum Drinks. The results have been nothing short of staggering.  Increases in breast cancers, incarcerations, DCF filings, and Foster Care needs, escalation in rapes, abuse, suicides, and divorces. 

Sober World   •   Look Beyond the Problem

New Preventative Solutions Reducing Addiction Harm​



Download Printable PDF FLYERS  in support of the The National Health Education Standards (NHES) -  These standards were developed to establish, promote and support health-enhancing behaviors for students in all grade levels.