Perpetual Awareness • Reducing Global Self-Harm

Focus Group - Youth  •  We struggle with them, because they struggle with our hypocrisy with drug use.  At Sober World - we see a whole generation growing up with excessive technology and a fading spirituality. Born into violent video games, and angry media, supported by 'adults'. They see massive self-medication, propagated by adults. Sober World seeks to empower this generation to make the change. We want to help them understand "Dopamine" addictions, what is driving them to be impulsive, and make a change. 

Samples of a Different Approach to Today's Problems

Long Term, Root Cause Solutions

Current Thinking Today 
Sober World Thinking

Courts, financial punishment,
incarcerate,  stigma, shame.
Support for the person’s mental
health, teaching, guidance, empathy.

Punish merchants financially,
threaten the kids, punitive. 

Teach kids positive alternatives to self-

medicating, better stress and coping skills

Socially fine, little regard for
health issues,  physical self.

Empower people to think better, medicate less,

avoid physical and emotional harms.

State Drug

Legislators see only the revenue,
allows more sales. Short-sighted.

Educate on savings, for $1 of tax revenue,

there are over $10 in soft costs.

Focus Group - Empowering Women • Subjected to intense targeted marketing since the Wine Cooler craze. For more than three decades, women have been heavily targeted by the Alcohol Industry for growth in sales: Blush wines, Fruity colorful rum Drinks,The results have been nothing short of staggering.  Increases in breast cancers, incarcerations, DCF filings and Foster Care needs, escalation in rapes, abuse, suicides, and divorces. Most women are painfully unaware of the national harm.