SOLUTIONS -  We are simply looking to apply newer brain knowledge to an old problem.  

CHANGING THINKING = CHANGING DRINKING - or any self-medicating habits and harm. We now understand the Brain can be trained like a muscle in some ways. It can be made fit and focus better. The Mind can change the Brain through a fitness plan of simple persistent positive messaging and a little daily discipline. Just like the body, the mind takes time to change. 

Brain and Body? Simple example... Something startles you. Your brain triggers chemistry, your pulse rate jumps, you gasp... and then your brain sends an "all clear" signal - and the body relaxes. Your mind automatically altered your body... so think about stress, anxiety, fear in daily life, how is your body reacting to your brain?  And, are you numbing your mind to relax your body?

So the Body Solution - is Mostly in the Mind! We know that fact, proven scientifically.

Sober World is simply applying positive

Brain Training to mitigate addicting in a positive preventative way!

Solutions for our Youth  •  We struggle with them because they struggle with our hypocrisy with drug use.  At Sober World - we see a whole generation growing up with excessive technology and a fading spirituality. Born into violent video games, and angry media, supported by 'adults'. They see massive self-medication, propagated by adults. Sober World seeks to empower this generation to make the change. We want to help them understand "Dopamine" addictions, what is driving them to be impulsive, and make a change. 

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Solutions- Empowering Women • Subjected to intense targeted marketing since the Wine Cooler craze. For more than three decades, women have been heavily targeted by the Alcohol Industry for growth in sales: Blush wines, Fruity colorful rum Drinks. The results have been nothing short of staggering.  Increases in breast cancers, incarcerations, DCF filings, and Foster Care needs, escalation in rapes, abuse, suicides, and divorces. Most women are painfully unaware of the national harm.

Positive Prevention


Focus Group - Everyone. In the past century, we have added a massive volume of technologies and activities that distract us from our natural biological and spiritual rhythms  Regardless of your opinion of God or affiliation, we naturally require some downtime every week to regroup and regenerate. We require sleep to regenerate every day. Meditation or prayer or whatever you want to call it, is mentally healthy for a calm mind. We hope to make mindful awareness a more regular part of life. 

Download Printable PDF FLYERS  in support of the The National Health Education Standards (NHES) -  These standards were developed to establish, promote and support health-enhancing behaviors for students in all grade levels.