Positive Prevention  •  A change in attitudes and thinking

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Changing Alcohol Attitudes, together with your support!  

Direct Donations

Sober World is creating Marketing Campaigns and Awareness through events. We support education through festivals and direct speaking engagements at Schools and Universities.  Donate directly as a Charitable 501c3 contribution through "Aim for a Better Tomorrow".

Help by Simply Drinking Great Coffee!

Bills Blend Coffee profits are all directed at Sober World, helping in the Marketing Effort to change attitudes on Alcohol. 

Sober World events, coffee donations to support major Recovery Events.  We sell Case Qty Coffee - Included Filters and Shipping for $50 a Case - 42 Stay fresh Pouches - last for Months!

Each case makes 42 Pots of Coffee

That's $1.20 for a POT of coffee!

15 Cents an 8oz  Cup 

Support by Sharing

It's all about the People.  We encourage you to read and share your experiences in a social world.

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