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How Can We Help Each other?

Education  -  Contact us:  For Educators and Schools, we offer Speaking and Educational Programs. We can develop a Common Core supportive program targeted to your needs.  Support Us Through Monetary Donations or Perpetuating and sharing the Concepts that will empower our youth for a better future.

Marketing  -    We are trying to undo many decades and billions of dollars of marketing that promotes “Safe Drinking” of Addictive, Cancerous, Depressant Neurotoxins. We need financial support and media time donations for Public Service Messages related to reducing Self harm and making society better for all.

Engagement - Follow, Support and Share Our Twitter and Facebook Communities. Show no fear, like often and share the fact you’ve had enough of this madness and want a more “Sober World."

Volunteering -  We can always use help in a variety of ways. Service work is fun and helps you by helping others! Contact us.

Direct Donations Sober World is creating Marketing Campaigns and Awareness through events. We support education through festivals and direct speaking engagements at Schools and Universities.  Donate directly as a Charitable 501c3 contribution through "Aim for a Better Tomorrow".