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New Preventative Solutions Reducing Addiction Harm​



"See the whole world anew.  See what no one else sees, out of fear and conformity and laziness"  - Patch Adams Movie

Things CAN change - Imagine if you will a few years - and decades from today...

  • A world with a lot less self-harm due to self-medicating.
  • A better understanding of our amazing minds and bodies and more self respect.
  • A real deep awareness of the impact of what we are doing to ourselves.
  • Reduced stress, fears, tensions, simply through changing of thinking.
  • Reduced dopamine inducing activities, better managed brains
  • An overall reduction of the physical, emotional, financial costs to everyone.

We can change our behaviors. Imagine a world where we encourage positive thinking more, and show people the benefits of preventative positive thoughts and encourage self help, self education. A world where we encourage consistent positive messaging in our media and schools. A world where we better recognize the anger in society and have a plan to mitigate it.

We can change our thinking. ANY drug use and eventual abuse, starts with life stress. “Mental Illness” -  The sniffles of the mind may need one glass. The more serious the “Mental Pain and illness”  the more we self medicate. We promote a world where we train people to look beyond the problem and begin to see things differently.

With Education, Sober World Primary Vision and Goals:
Through persistent positive messaging in marketing and schools, our goal is to reduce the annual death count related to addiction by a million lives each year, by the year 2030.  This goal is in alignment with the World Health Organization's Long Term “NCD global action plan”.

Currently, over 3 Million people a year die from alcohol globally. (WHO 2016)

Other Impacts to Society we Hope to Improve. 

  • Increase Business Productivity— Currently $225B annual loss per Year US Alone (CDC).
  • Increase Happiness— Millions live with depression, record levels of self harm.
  • Increase Self Awareness— We are amazing beings!
  • Reduce Cancers— Alcohol is causal in many cancers - Breast, Colon and more.
  • Reduce Personal Costs— over $1,000 per person—every year in the USA alone.
  • Harm— Millions of rapes, abuses, divorces and tens of thousands of Birth Defects.