See the whole world anew!

Re-Defining Sober as:

"Serenity with me, others and God".

A simple Spiritual Solution - True sobriety is a really a state of mind, of inner peace, with a strong sense spirituality and desire to help others. It is about feeling empowered, no need to self-medicate. A healthier, happier, more productive lifestyle.

ENCOURAGING the YOUTH - Millenials - A new Trend! 
Look at the world with new eyes!  Question things! 

WHY do we drink alcohol? Ever thought about it? 

The Sober World vision is one where WE:

  • We encourage simple spirituality - empathy and caring
  • We no longer glorify alcohol, the pretty bottles in marketing
  • We understand the toxicity of alcohol and the addictive properties that kill millions
  •  We see beyond the immediate problems and understand people and their pains, and work to fix them
  • We look at alcohol use as self-medicating, if we use the drug, we choose to self-medicate, we do so with great care 
  • We promote understanding of mental health issues and treat people and not incarcerate them if avoidable
  • We respect the rights of people to make choices and promote education, awareness, and respect
  • We promote the idea that just because alcohol or other drugs are legal, it does not make them healthy or smart
  • We promote greater accountability to those creating and promoting toxic and addictive drug use

Sober World is empowering people to make the best choices. We encourage rigorous honesty about the problems in the world and working towards a highly functioning society, free from fears and with much less self-medicating because people are happier overall.

We simply encourage a full understanding of the dangers and toxicity of the drugs like alcohol, and also the financial and emotional drain it is in our society. We help all make more informed choices, towards a better future for us all.