Sober: "Serenity with me, others and my God".

It's always a thinking problem!

It's that simple. It's not about the 'bad' drug or 'bad' activity, it's about WHY you are doing it. 

The Sober World vision is one where WE:

  • We look at self-medicating as a weakness, not an entitlement
  • We promote understanding and rehabilitation over incarceration
  • We respect the rights of people to make choices and promote awareness
  • We remind people that being legal does not mean healthy or smart
  • We promote greater transparency and accountability for toxic addictive products
  • We encourage simple spirituality - empathy and caring for all humanity

Sober World: Empowering people to make the best choices. We encourage rigorous honesty about the problems in the world. We encourage working towards a highly functioning society, free from fears and self-medicating.