See the whole world anew.  See what no

one else sees, a different perspective.


50 Years ago we smoked on Airplanes and in

Restaurants, even at Breakfast time.  Something changed... 

Things CAN change - Imagine if you will a few decades from today...

  • A world with a lot less self-harm due to self-medicating.
  • A better understanding of our amazing minds and bodies and more self respect.
  • A real deep awareness of the impact of what we are doing to ourselves.
  • Reduced stress, fears, tensions, simply through changing thinking.
  • Reduced dopamine inducing activities, better managed brains
  • An overall reduction of the physical, emotional, financial costs to everyone.

We are all affected in so many ways by all the stress we do to ourselves!
We can change our behaviors. Imagine a world where we encourage positive thinking more, and show people the benefits of preventative positive thoughts and encourage self help, self education. A world where we encourage consistent positive messaging in our media and schools. A world where we better recognize the anger in society and have a plan to mitigate it.

It's never a Drinking Problem, it is always a Thinking Problem.
We can change our thinking. ANY drug use and eventual abuse, starts with life stress. “Mental Illness” -  The sniffles of the mind may need one glass. The more serious the “Mental Pain and illness”  the more we self medicate. We promote a world where we train people to look beyond the problem and begin to see things differently.

With Education, Sober World Primary Vision and Goals:
Through persistent positive messaging in marketing and schools, our goal is to reduce the annual death count related to addiction by a million lives each year, by the year 2030.  This goal is in alignment with the World Health Organization's Long Term “NCD global action plan”. Currently, over 3 Million people a year die from alcohol globally. (WHO 2016)

Other Impacts to Society we Hope to Improve. 

  • Increase Business Productivity— Currently $225B annual loss per Year US Alone (CDC).
  • Increase Happiness— Millions live with depression, record levels of self harm.
  • Increase Self Awareness— We are amazing beings!
  • Reduce Cancers— Alcohol is causal in many cancers - Breast, Colon and more.
  • Reduce Personal Costs— over $1,000 per person—every year in the USA alone.
  • Harm— Millions of rapes, abuses, divorces and tens of thousands of Birth Defects.