Just Ask Why?   Changing Global Alcohol Attitudes.


Nearly a century of Corporate Sales growth of addictive cancer causing substances.


Fiscally Irresponsible

  • Alcohol costs the USA alone over $225 B in Lost Productivity every year.
  • The USA Spends about half a Trillion Dollars incarcerating addicts - about half are alcohol related

It Kills People

  • Over 3 Million People globally die from alcohol each year
  • One in ten working age adults in the USA will die from alcohol
  • About 1500 College kids will die from alcohol-related overdoses and accidents in the USA alone - every year

It ruins lives

  • 90% of all date rapes and 75% of All Rapes are related to Alcohol
  • Many thousands of divorces are related to alcohol
  • Many tens of thousands of families struggle fiscally because of addiction issues

It Causes Cancers

  • Alcohol causes cancers in about 7 major organs that it touches, including Colon, Liver, Pancreas, Stomach, Mouth and throat
  • Alcohol is linked to Breast cancer - and that is not related to volume - small doses can cause it

Something is wrong...

"Just ask WHY?" 

How did we get here? How do we fix it?  

Just Say NO!  Was harmful, stigmatized addicts as criminals, and massively escalated prison populations and indirectly made alcohol the 'good drug'. The resulting costs today are staggering. Addiction costs us ALL well over $1,000 in taxes each year locking up people that are simply struggling in life.

Just ask WHY? A new better campaign!

A powerful simple question you can apply to yourself.  Ever thought about WHY are you self-medicating?  Even with 'just alcohol'?

Are you aware? "Just Alcohol" is a cancer-causing, addictive, depressant drug? A level one carcinogen that causes cancers in seven internal organs and also breast Cancer and skin cancer.  It causes permanent brain damage in people under 25 who drink regularly.  Breast cancer risk is elevated by about 20% even with only a few glasses a week! It is also linked to heart disease and about 75% of all the rapes and assaults in North America. 

"Just Alcohol" Kills one in 10
Working Age Adults in the United States. Over 3 Million people annually die from alcohol across the planet - that is one person every ten seconds. 

This QUESTION approach is a better solution.

ANY drug - Illegal or legal...  Asking this question focuses on the people, not the problem. Encouraging our whole society to think a little more like the people in addiction services. If you see someone you care about heavily self-medicating with drugs like alcohol, there is a problem, they have a problem. They can’t ‘Just say no’, they are people that need medical attention, not incarceration.

Drug Abuse is a  Symptom!  What is Wrong?

WHY are you self-medicating? ANY drug - including Alcohol use and especially ABUSE  is often a symptom of something wrong. The stronger your emotional and mental health in dealing with extremes, the less ‘self-medication’ with ANY drug.

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