Empower yourself!  “Just ask WHY?"

It’s such a simple little idea – and so powerful. When you make it a regular habit, it’s life changing! Just ask yourself WHY? A question that Provokes Positive Prevention and Personal Insight!

  • WHY am I not eating right?
  • WHY am I so unhappy in my marriage?
  • WHY and I still in this dead-end job?
  • WHY am I not changing for the better?
  • WHY am I not sleeping well?
  • WHY am I so stressed out?

A powerful simple question you can apply to yourself and start to understand what you honestly need to change – and are probably living in fear of doing so.

Have you ever thought about WHY are you self-medicating with alcohol?

Chances are,self-medicating with drugs like alcohol are a SYMPTOM of some other stress – a THINKING PROBLEM – not a drinking problem.


Are you aware? "Just Alcohol" is a cancer-causing, addictive, depressant drug? All Alcohol is diluted rocket fuel, a biological cleaner, a level one carcinogen that causes cancers in seven internal organs, also breast Cancer at low intake levels. It causes permanent brain damage in people under 25 who drink regularly. 

HIGHLY LETHAL - "It's Just Alcohol" The drug that kills one in 10 Working-Age Adults in the United States. Over 3 Million people annually die from alcohol across the planet - that is one person every ten seconds. It is implicated in thousands of suicides, and hundreds of thousands of assaults and rapes in the USA every year.

So yes - QUESTION YOURSELF!  ANY drug - Illegal or legal...  WHY are you taking Aspirin - or Alcohol - What Pain is there, physical or mental you are trying to numb?

  • Can you change your life to NOT need ANY self-medication?

BE SELFISH! – It’s YOUR LIFE!  Asking this question focuses on what is at unrest in your life. Only YOU know what is wrong.  Only YOU can decide to make a positive change. It all starts with self-insight... recognizing that you ARE self-medicating with a drug, and asking yourself WHY?

EMPOWER YOURSELF – with understanding.

Find a better solution to your mental and emotional pains!



Stop and look - Never before in hoistory have we had nearly a century of huge Corporate Sales growth of addictive cancer causing substances distributed globally.


Fiscally Irresponsible

  • Alcohol costs the USA alone over $225B in Lost Productivity every year.
  • The USA Spends about $500B a year incarcerating addicts - about half are alcohol related

Highly Lethal

  • Over 3 Million People globally die from alcohol each year
  • One in ten working age adults in the USA will die from alcohol
  • About 5000 kids will under 21 die from alcohol-related overdoses and accidents in the USA alone - every year.

It ruins lives

  • 90% of all date rapes and 75% of All Rapes are related to Alcohol
  • Many thousands of divorces are related to alcohol
  • Many tens of thousands of families struggle fiscally because of addiction issues

It Causes Cancers

  • Alcohol causes cancers in about 7 major organs that it touches, including Colon, Liver, Pancreas, Stomach, Mouth and throat
  • Alcohol is linked to Breast cancer - and that is not related to volume - small doses can cause it