FIRST - Empower yourself!  “Just ask WHY?"

It's such a simple thing - we almost never do, because of fears. Why am I unhappy? Why am I stressing out? Why am I self-medicating so much? 

We don't like to ask ourselves WHY - because those questions can quickly lead to self-guilt, and even MORE fears, anxieties, guilt. So we STOP - and just keep doing the same thing... happy with the unhappy we know until it explodes and we HAVE to change.

Immediately follow WHY? with WHAT?

Before you head down the path of guilt and remorse of the past, STOP.  You can only impact today, and today affects tomorrow.  Ask WHAT simple things you can change in your life to make things better?  WHAT can you do differently today? Now? What will make things better for overall health, clarity of mind, lower stress, improve relationships?
  Work on one thing... get a success, then another - then another. 

A FREE Solution - SO EMPOWER YOURSELF – with understanding

Find a better solution to mental and emotional pains!  The best solutions are usually free. So many great insights can happen if you allow them to, guilt-free. Seek the people that you want to be like, and make them a part of your life. To better yourself, be with people better than you.

Over the Counter, Self Medicating Mental Escape - Dangers of Alcohol

"It's Just Alcohol".  The mind-numbing chemical in all alcohol is Ethanol (Rocket Fuel).  Ethanol acts as a neurotoxin and numbs thebrain. To humans, it is also a cancer-causing, addictive, depressant drug. It is a level one carcinogen that causes cancers in seven internal organs, Colon, Stomach, Pancreas, Liver, and more. Alcohol also causes Breast Cancer at low intake levels. It causes permanent brain damage in people under 25 who drink regularly. 

The Drunk Ages - Here are some sobering motivations for a healthier more "Sober World" for us all! 

Fiscally Irresponsible - Alcohol costs the USA alone over $225B in Lost Productivity every year. The USA Spends about $500B a year incarcerating addicts - about half are alcohol-related. That costs each taxpayer in the USA well over $1000 each year! 

Highly Lethal - Over 3 Million People globally die from alcohol each year.  One in ten working-age adults in the USA will die from alcohol.
About 5000 kids under 21 will die from alcohol-related overdoses and accidents in the USA alone - every year.

Ruins lives  - 90% of all date rapes and 75% of All Rapes are related to Alcohol. Many thousands of divorces are related to alcohol. Many tens of thousands of families struggle fiscally because of addiction issues.